Wind Up Toy (originally called "Alien Diffusion") was a Pop Punk group from Bethpage, New York.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Wind Up Toy picked up from where Alien Diffusion left off. After its beginnings, Chris Kuster, the bassist, was kicked out of the band due to a lack of commitment and Chris Blatchly (Life Between Sleep) joined the band.

In 2003, Wind Up Toy released a three song demo, which was recorded with Nick Zinnanti and a nine song demo that the band recorded themselves in Tom's basement.

In 2004, Tom Spartinos the lead singer of Wind Up Toy began playing shows with Code: Adrenaline and a side project, Silent Tragedy (made up of members of both Wind Up Toy and Code: Adrenaline) and eventually joined Code: Adrenaline as a singer and guitarist. During this time, Nick Zinnanti also had a very brief stay in the band as a guitarist and singer. In 2004, the band released The Getaway EP. When things in Code: Adrenaline began winding down, Tom began concentrating more on Wind Up Toy and began writing more Indie Pop styled music for it. During this period it included Sam Trestman (ex-Code: Adrenaline, who replaced Chris Blatchly on bass, Jerry Meehan, and Danny Furrer.

In 2006, Wind Up Toy began writing The Chapters of Life EP, but it was released under the name, The Vision, once the band evolved.

Members[edit | edit source]

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Discography[edit | edit source]

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