When Morning Breaks was a hardcore band from Manhassett, Bayville, and Dix Hills.


The band was started by Jay Ha (Guitar) and Mike Richter (Throat Vocals) in early 2008 and were called "Cute Boys Lie", which would later be known as When Morning Breaks. Mike brought in Andrew DeJesu on bass, but switched to synthesizer and Elliott Park began to play drums. The band began writing. As the band went on, Elliott noticed that he wasn't right as a drummer. He was later replaced by Andrew Shiger from Dix Hills on drums.

In May of 2008, Elliott Park left the band to pursue Rescue the Thief, an offshoot of The Clap Track.

As time went on, When Morning Breaks was in need of a bassist. Andrew DeJesu started playing bass for the band once again, and is now the current bassist.

On June 20, 2008, the band brought in Larry Nappi, as a rhythm guitarist and vocalist.

Their first and last show was played on July 5th and shared the stage with Sleep Bellum Sonno, Valet Parking, Gabriel The Marine, iOninetyfour, Life Between Sleep, Of The Pillar, and MEAM.




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