Tom Spartinos is a Bethpage based musician who is best known for his work in the Indie Pop band, The Vision.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Tom Spartinos was born in New Hyde Park and raised in Little Neck Queens. He went to PS 221 Elementary School and attended the 6th grade at MS 67. During his childhood, Tom was interested in basketball and joined teams and CYO Leagues. In 2001, Tom moved to Bethpage to get away from his cramped apartment in Little Neck and to get away from the Queens School District. During his move, he discovered Blink-182 and immediately fell in love. "If it wasn't for Blink, I'd probably never play music." During his one month stay in Greece in August 2001, Tom became obsessed, and when he came home from Greece he immediately picked up a guitar and tried to start a band. At the Pop Disaster Tour that included Blink-182 and Green Day, Tom realized that he wanted to play music for the rest of his life.

Alien Diffusion and Wind Up Toy[edit | edit source]

In the summer of 2002, Tom teamed up with his neighbor Danny Furrer (who played drums for The Vision), and Chris Kuster who lived across the street. The band was called "Alien Diffusion" and started off just playing Blink-182 covers. In 2003, the band's name was changed to Wind Up Toy. Tom began writing his own songs, and they put out a 3 song demo, that was recorded on a cheap PXR 4 Mixer by Nick Zinnanti. Chris Kuster was kicked out shortly after due to a lack of commitment and Chris Blatchly joined the band.

Code: Adrenaline[edit | edit source]

Things got more Pop Punk and in 2004, Tom and Chris would help out Nick's band, Code: Adrenaline whenever they could, playing fourth guitar at live shows. Tom enjoyed playing with them so much, he joined Code: Adrenaline and began opening for bands like Halifax, As Tall As Lions, Punchline, and more. Code: Adrenaline recorded their final CD, Starting Over as The Vision (ex-Wind Up Toy) was born in early 2006. As The Vision progressed, Code: Adrenaline started to slow down as they got into six months of recording and no shows. There was a month where nothing was said about the existence of Code: Adrenaline and during this month, Almost Famous began and The Vision put out their first EP. Code: Adrenaline ended in mid 2006.

The Vision[edit | edit source]

Since the beginning of The Vision, the band has put out one full length, soon to be two EPs, played numerous shows both in and out of state, and are currently planning a tour.

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