This Endeavor is an Experimental Alternative Rock band from Oceanside, Long Island, New York. From 2007 to 2008, the band played Pop Punk and then Indie Pop music. During their hiatus, guitarist and singer Zach Zanghi left the band and the remaining members changed their style of music.


This Endeavor was started in May of 2007 by members of different bands that had previously broken up, like The Wake Up Call. Since their start they have shared the stage with Between the Trees, The Dangerous Summer, Automatic Love Letter, among others. They recorded a three song demo and began playing shows around the island. During the summer of 2007, Zach Zanghi left the band, but rejoined soon after. They then began writing what would become, Of Dreaming.

They were managed by Larina Rivera who runs Nova Booking.

Of DreamingEdit

In the spring of 2008, the band entered the studio with Anthony Natoli of the band, End the Stars at their studio at 1 & 2 Productions. The band worked relentlessly on their four song EP, Of Dreaming which is being released on June 7th, 2008. In the meanwhile, the band uploaded update videos and an acoustic demo of one of their songs, "I Knew You'd Come Home" which features Matt Villani and Kevin Bard of Stereo Skyline.

In June of 2008, the band uploaded two new songs from the EP onto their myspace: "I Knew You'd Come Home" and "And Then Came The Fall".

Indefinite HiatusEdit

On August 14th, 2008, Dan Cerney from This Endeavor posted a blog on the band's myspace page informing listeners that, due to disputes between band members, This Endeavor was going on an indefinite hiatus. He also stated that the band members are currently working on new projects.

Recently, it has been noted that guitarist and singer Zach Zanghi has left the band. The trio has since been writing and recording at 1 & 2 Productions. Their style of music has also drastically changed and is more reminiscent of "aggressive Thrice", says Danny Cerney.

As of Febuary 8th, 2009 it has been announced that This Endeavor is back with their full original line-up and plans to perform at the 2009 CERNEY FEST at The Vibe Lounge.


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