The Movielife was a Melodic Hardcore band from Long Island, that was started in 1997 and lasted until 2003. The members of the band have since gone on to form I Am the Avalanche, Nightmare of You, and Heavy Rescue.

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In 1997, the band was started by Eddie Reyes, Vinnie Caruana, Nick Ghanbarian (later replaced by Phil Navetta), Evan Baken and Alex Amiruddin. Under this lineup, the band played their first show on September 27th, 1997 in Evan's basement with their friends, Glassjaw. That year, they released the three song, "The Red Demo". Reyes left shortly after this to start Runner Up and was replaced by Dave O'Connell and later by Brandon Reilly, when O'Connell formed The Quick Fix Kills. In 1998, they released another three song demo, this time called, "The White Demo". In 1999, they got signed to Fadeaway Records and released their debut album, "It's Go Time".

Their second record, "This Time Next Year" was released on Revelation Records and recorded by producer, Brian McTernan. They toured with New Found Glory, Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, Homegrown, Boy Sets fire, Thursday, Glassjaw, Autopilot Off, Mest, Good Charlotte, and others in support of their album. Following this, the band signed to Drive-Thru Records and released the EP, "...Has a Gambling Problem". In 2002, the band toured with Face to Face in April and May, the European Deconstruction Tour, Warped Tour, and their own headlining tour. During their rigorous touring schedule, the band wrecked their van in Jamestown, North Dakota (which would inspire their later single, Jamestown), and the band suffered minor injuries.

During their last album, Forty Hour Train Back to Penn, founding member Alex Amiruddin quit the band to start Keep Breathing. Dan Navetta, Phil's younger brother, took over in his stead as guitarist and in 2003 the album was released. The album reflected the tension within the band, and on September 27th, 2003 (exactly six years after their first show), the band publicly announced that they had broken up. In 2008, Vinnie Caruana performed The Movielife songs with the band Set Your Goals at New Jersey's Bamboozle Festival.

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