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ROBBERS is an Indie Rock band from Levittown and Wantagh, Long Island, New York whose musical style has been called many things, from "fearless... and haunting" to "classically beautiful" to "a cocaphony of strange".

In the spring of 2008, Robbers recorded their third release, the six-song EP, Flesh, by splitting the recording process into halves. The band entered the studio of acclaimed Long Island record producer Mike Sapone for the tracks "Eager", "I Stole From My Own Flesh and Blood", and "Hey There", as well as the home studio of Dan Gluszak, former drummer of Envy on the Coast, for the tracks "Stay Together", "Swear", and "Desert and Tree". The following winter Robbers signed to, San Francisco based indie label, Unicrons and rereleased Flesh in June, 2009. On September 7th, 2011 the band digitally released their long-awaited first full-length album Fear to Face Beauty on Bandcamp.

Singer/songwriter Andrew Accardi since started the bands Shone, and Cosmic Harvey.

They have toured with artists such as Brand New, Crime in Stereo, P.O.S., and many others.


  • Andrew Accardi (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Christopher Kyriakou (Guitar)
  • Joseph Cardone (Guitar)
  • Michael Hennen (Drums)
  • Christopher Askin (Bass)



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