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Pete Sekesan is a Long Island musician from Hicksville, who has been in a number of underground bands with members of Life Between Sleep, Envy on the Coast,

Next Town Over[]

Pete Sekesan started his career in a band with Robbie Hassett on guitar, Pete Kefalas on bass and Joe Ansaldi on drums. The band played a handful of garage and backyard shows before disbanding.

Change of Fate[]

In the Pop Punk group, Change of Fate (a band that featured Dan Gluszak of Envy on the Coast on drums), Pete was the lead singer and is featured on the 5 song demo put out by the band until he was replaced by Robbie Hassett. During this time, Dan Gluszak joined GoQuest, a Hicksville based Pop Punk band.

Modus Operandi[]

Pete Sekesan formed Modus Operandi, an experimental emo band. Pete played bass for the short lived duration of the band, lasting 4 months, butRobbie Hassett stopped the project to join The Prize Fighter.