Mind Over Matter was a Hardcore Punk band from Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Seven years before the mainstream media was hailing screamo as the next big thing, Mind Over Matter were accidentally inventing the genre in front of floored hometown crowds. Unfortunately, the band never drew the same sort of enthusiasm outside of Long Island until after they’d broken up but Mind Over Matter has been cited as a huge influence from many of the bands that grew out of the Long Island Hardcore Scene. These bands include Glassjaw,Thursday, Brand new, The MovieLife and Taking Back Sunday who were in the crowd at Mind Over Matter’s gigs listening to a band that had already seen the future..

Eddie Reyes current member of Taking Back Sunday and former member of The Movie Life and Inside was in the first incarnation of MOM. He played on their first seven inch.

Other members have all gone on to do projects large and small within the hardcore scene.

Bassist, Scott Martin has played in Silent Majority, Error Type 11, Milhouse, Greensleep and currently The Great Lie.

Drummer, John Lafata has played in Neglect, MadBall, Sheer Terror and currently The Great Lie.

Guitarist, Josh Demarco went on to play in Dayinthelife with George, Sound of Speed and is now a current member of Vision of Disorder.

Singer and Frontman George Reynolds went on to form Dayinthelife, Earthling Massive and Wiretap Crash. Hes contributed vocals to various projects, but most notably "Pompeii" from Glassjaw's album Material Control. George's lyrics were used in the end of "Must've Run All Day" on their album Worship and Tribute. Although he is not currently playing in a musical project, he does a Podcast called "If I Ruled the World"., with Sam Hoyos of Playing Dead.

Guitarist and vocalist Arthur Shepherd played in Bad Trip, Errortype:11, Instruction, God Fires Man, Gay For Johnny Depp, and is currently in Primitive Weapons. Arthur is part owner of St. Vitus Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He also does a podcast called "The Automatic Crowd". Automatic Crowd is also Which is the title a Mind Over Matter song.


1991- Cassette Demo

1992 -Mind Over MAtter 7"

1993- Hectic Thinking 7"


1995- Automanipulation

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