Michael Richter is a former musician and promoter from Manhassett, New York. He is best friends with Gabriel the Marine bassist, Mark Herburger.


Mike Richter began his music career in 2005 with Mark Herburger in their Pop Punk band, Local Embarrassment. He was the guitarist and vocalist for a short time before finding his replacement in fellow friend and skater, Craig Kleila. He stopped playing music for some time, and wasn't involved in the music scene again until late 2007 when the short lived Booking Company, Hail to the Thief Productions started up. For their one and only premiere show at The Landmark Theatre on Main Street in Port Washington, Mike Richter and Mark Herburger were the promoters of the show. The show included: Permanent Me, Big City Lights, Destiny or Design, Van Atta High, The Rivalry, and The Farewell Effect. After the show ended, the production company stopped booking shows, and Mike Richter again disappeared from the music scene until a few months later when he came out with his short lived Hardcore Punk band, When Morning Breaks. The band played a similar style of music to A Day To Remember, and played one show at Richter's annual show/party at his Hampton Bays' Summer House. When Morning Breaks shared the stage with Life Between Sleep, Gabriel the Marine, IoNinetyfour, SleepBellumSonno, Valet Parking, and others before dissolving.

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