Guilt Like Gravity was a Post Hardcore band from Long Island, New York.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The group was formerly known as The Prizefighter but due to lineup changes, the band changed it's name to Guilt Like Gravity after adding Dave Curcio on drums and Robbie Hassett on guitar. In the summer of 2004, the band booked it's first tour, a 6 week national tour that started in July and ended in August with the Post Hardcore band, Wings of Azrael (from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). Just before the tour, Dave Curcio decided to leave Guilt like Gravity, and Robbie Hassett quickly asked Dan Gluszak to fill in for drums (Robbie and Dan had attended Hicksville High School together) before the tour happened, and eventually became the permanent drummer.

After the tour, Guilt like Gravity began writing a record, and played Action Fest 2004, which was set up by the Animal Defense League. Other bands that were featured at this festival were: Hidden in Plainview, Mates of State, The NSG, Undying, Cypher, and Thieves and Assassins.

In early 2005, Guilt Like Gravity decided to go separate ways due to creative differences, inner conflicts, and different interests. Dan Gluszak joined Writ in Water, who would become Envy on the Coast. Ed and Rob formed a band West of Here which played local shows for a short time. Robbie Hassett moved to New Jersey to join Emma, which later changed it's name to GunsLikeGirls.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Prizefighter was signed to Four Leaf Records, who had also signed From First to Last. From First to Last later signed to Epitaph Records.
  • Former From First to Last frontman, known as "Phil Gorgeous" formed The New Tragic in Florida, Robbie Hassett auditioned for them, but decided to stay in GunsLikeGirls.
  • Hassett also turned down an offer to move to North Carolina to join Alesana in 2005.

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