Envy Arcadia is a Post Hardcore band from Oceanside, Long Island, New York.


Envy Arcadia was started by Billy Calderone and Brian Puckart along with two former members in the fall of 2004. Envy Arcadia was formed a year later after the induction of Gregory Galgano and Joseph Spiteri and released a demo soon after which was recorded by End the Stars' Anthony Natoli, John Secolo and Nicky Carbone. Peter Galgani replaced their old bass player shortly after this. In 2007, they released their Envy Arcadia Demo and a music video, "Pinpoints", in support of it.

In the summer of 2008, the band opened for Armor For Sleep at the Roosevelt Field Mall. The band is currently writing new material for a new album. In October 2009, Dan Dipasquale became the new bass guitar player for the band.




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