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Elliott Park is a Long Island musician who has been in a number of projects.

The Farewell Effect[]

Elliott Park first joined The Farewell Effect as lead singer and continued with them from January of 2006 until June of 2006. (He also had a brief stint as a bassist and backup vocalist in the spring of 2007, but this was short lived). During this time, they recorded a number of acoustic demos and covers, as well as four live songs.

Elliott Park (Solo Project)[]

After leaving The Farewell Effect, Elliott went on to record acoustic songs that were centered around Christian elements. He recorded one three-song demo. (see: Elliott Park Demo.

The February Beatdown Story[]

During this time, he also began working on a power pop band, however this did not get off the ground and instead Elliott devoted much of his time to The Clap Track.

The Clap Track[]

Is an acoustic pop collaboration of Elliott Park and Richard Ha. They recorded a five song EP (see: Clap Track EP), and began playing shows. They went on a brief hiatus, but have returned and have another EP in the works.

Cure The Hero[]

During his time in The Clap Track, Elliott and Richard wanted to do full band work as well, so they recruited members to become the power pop quintet of Cure the Hero. Both Elliott and Richard worked with Andrew DeJesu, Andrew Kurau, and James Kolbert. However, after releasing their single, No One Knows, the band disbanded.

When Morning Breaks[]

He was drummer, then bassist, then guitarist/vocalist. He was with band members such as Michael Richter, Jay Ha, Andrew DeJesu, and Andrew Shiger.

Rescue the Thief[]

Rescue the Thief is Elliott's newest acoustic pop project.