Hailing from Amityville, NY, Edward Reyes (born November 19, 1972) is the founder and guitarist for the popular American rock group, Taking Back Sunday. He was first in the hardcore band Mind Over Matter, then Clockwise (formerly No Thought), then Inside, then The Movielife, then Runner Up, and finally Taking Back Sunday. He currently lives in Sandusky, Ohio. Where he has two kids with actress Nicole Karis. Biography Born and raised in Amityville, NY, Reyes forewent his childhood dream of being an architect as well as a football place kicker but went on to play music. His first band was Mind Over Matter, who he split ways with before their first full length release. Reyes then started the hardcore band, No Thought, with guitarist Josh DeMarco, Artie Philley, Russ Greiner and Paul Brinkmann. Paul eventually played bass in Silent Majority as well. On deciding their music was too melodic for a hardcore vocalist, they recruited vocalist "General" George Fullan and changed their name to Clockwise. Eddie played with Clockwise for quite a long time through many lineup changes until they decided to retire. One lineup change was guitarist DeMarco, who went to play for Eddie's former band, Mind Over Matter. Reyes was also a member of Inside during the period he was in Clockwise, and is still friendly with his ex-bandmates. He also started The Movielife, and parted ways with them before they gained their full notoriety. Coincidentally, he was replaced with guitarist Dave O'Connell (the brother of Taking Back Sunday bandmate Mark O'Connell (Drummer). He then started the short-lived band Runner Up before going on to start Taking Back Sunday. In 1998, Eddie Reyes started Taking Back Sunday with fellow New Yorkers John Nolan, Jesse Lacey, Mark O'Connell and Antonio Longo. Lacey was replaced by North Carolinan bassist Adam Lazzara and they produced their first EP. The eldest and most experienced member of the band, Reyes convinced Lazzara to take up the job of the lead singer when Antonio Longo left, and helped recruit Shaun Cooper to take up the bass. Before Taking Back Sunday had received mainstream success, he used to work as a deli sandwich maker, where he also got Adam Lazzara a job as delivery boy. When Taking Back Sunday went big, he left his job at a New York deli to play in the band full-time. Eddie's favorite TV channel is The Food Channel, and his favorite programs are iron chef and [taps, ghosthunters]].[1] Eddie has a fear of flying.[2] &nbsp Eddie is also the baby on the cover of the band's album, Where You Want To Be.

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