Disarming Arctica was a five piece Post Hardcore band hailing from the south shores of Long Island, New York.


This was a new idea from several defunct long island hardcore bands. The Early stages of Disarming Arctica's history formed with Tom LaSala (ex-The Resurrection, ex-Bela Kiss), Bill Welsh  (ex-The Resurrection, ex-The Ambition), Ross Monroe (ex-Bela Kiss) and Michael Assip (ex- The Rescue). They started jamming in The Resurrection's space and the chemistry sparked the intital songs and style of the band. Later they would start to jam with Tom Colello (ex- The Rescue, ex-The World We Knew, ex-Bela Kiss, current Shai Hulud). Tom LaSala would later leave early in the band when their band name was still simply Arctica and they would seek a replacement in ex-The Rescue guitarist Adam Hecht. Bill Welsh and Ross Monroe left a few months later due to differences in the band and Tom Colello would take over guitar duties full time. Ken Pryor then joined the project on bass guitar and Josh Hecht was asked to permanently join the position on drums.

After the addition of Josh on the drums, Disarming Arctica began to play shows locally. Within the coturse of two and a half months Disarming Arctica had already shared the stage with various national acts such as The Almost, The Distance, The Forecast, Forgive Durden, From Autumn To Ashes, I Am The Avalanche, and Permanent Me. During these two and a half months Disarming Arctica had recorded a four song demo, with former band mate Tom Collelo, that then quickly began circulating the internet, local shows, and local radio developing a devoted following for the band.

After filling in for a string of live shows over the summer of '08 and helping record the upcoming EP Thomas Colello joined the band officially. Disarming Arctica was featured in the "Pilates For Indie Rockers" fitness DVD video along with Long Island natives: the pop punk Crash Romeo and hardcore punk band This is Hell. In the late fall of 2008, the band emerged with a new myspace layout as well as a short instrumental work titled "Surveillance", a piece that is much more experimental than their previous material. They then came out with their second release, the We're Always Watching You EP.


Past members

Tom LaSala (guitar)

Bill Welsh (guitar)

Ross Monroe (drums)

Gary Cacioppo (guitar)


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