Casari was a Post Hardcore/Screamo band from the Hicksville area on Long Island. The band grew out of the Hardcore Punk band, Death Within the Hour. The band consisted of Mike Ventimiglia, Travis McGee, Anthony Tafuro, and Bob Wulff. After approximately 5 years of touring, the band broke up in late 2010.

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When Hicksville based 80's Metal band, Death Within the Hour (2005-2007) finally called it quits, Mike Ventimiglia (formerly of The Exception), Travis McGee and Ant McGrittles Tafuro immediately evolved it into Casari. In 2007, Casari was born and added Bob Wulff (Code: Adrenaline, Kirk Fogg's African Adventure) on drums. Since then the band has released their first EP, "A Sinking Feeling" and has unveiled new material, the song "Westchester Amulet" on their myspace page. The band has released a 10 song full length album for free which can be downloaded right off the bands myspace. The band has played shows with bands such as A Day To Remember, Vanna, Four Year Strong, Alesana, From Autumn To Ashes, Andrew WK, Horse The Band, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Blessthefall, Just Surrender, Oceana, As Cities Burn, and many more. They have toured in the northeast with friends, the Pop Punk, Valet Parking, and Death Metal band, Royal Assassin. The Band will be on tour this june with What Lies Beneath The Tide (Torque/Victory Records) and with Laurel (Toque/Victory Records) this july.

Casari is sponsored by Drive By Clothing, Nevermore Apparel, Smacked Clothing, Crakshot Energy, and !!!OH!!! Clothing. At the Warped Tour's stint at Nassau Coliseum, Casari and Life Between Sleep both played on the Ernie Ball Stage. In fall 2008, they released three songs off their full length: "Glass Bottles Make Great Knives", "The Heart Of Davey Jones" and "Mens Rea". They also released an Untitled acoustic song via myspace. In April of 2009, they finally released their full length album, Semblance for free via Rapidshare and Myspace.

Towards the end, the band decided to call it quits. The band members have since moved on, performing in varying degrees in bands like Patent Pending, Giants at Large, and Azariah, but Casari's mark on the LI scene is both undeniable and indelible.

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