Break Your Silence is a Long Island based Screamo band.


Break Your Silence was started in 2006, and have since gone under many line up changes. In 2008, they went to record their Break Your Silence EP in January of 2008 with Claude Zdanow (The Dear Hunter) and Joseph Pedulla (Thursday, Shai Hulud, Bear Vs Shark).

They have played with bands such as 36 Crazyfists (Ferret Records), Seemless (Equal Vision Records), Emmure (Victory Records), Four Letter Lie (Victory Records), Driver Side Impact (Victory Records), A Kiss For Jersey (Tragic Hero Records), Knives Exchanging Hands (Tragic Hero Records), Oceana (Rise Records), A Different Breed of Killer (Rise Records), Blinded Black (SideCho Records), Cry of The Afflicted (Solid State Records), On The Last Day (Victory Records), Memphis May Fire (Trustkill Records), Nevea Tears (Eulogy Records), A Heartwell Ending (Stand&Deliver Records), Catherine (Rise Records), Clifton (Century Media Records) Chiba-Ken (Gotham Records), All the Heathers Are Dying (Grind Structure Records), It Prevails (Rise Records), Every Bridge Burned (Rise Records), Beneath The Sky (Victory Records), Endwell (Victory Records), and Liferuiner (Uprising Records).


  • Eric (Vocals)
  • Timmy C (Guitar)
  • Tim S (Guitar)
  • Ryan (Bass/Piano)
  • Tom (Percussions)

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