Action Action is a Synth Rock/Post Punk band formed in 2004 from the ashes of The Reunion Show, Count the Stars, Diffuser, and Step Lively. Their sound is a Synth Rock one mixed with proto-goth bands of the 1980s. The band signed with Victory Records and released their first album, Don’t Cut Your Fabric to This Year’s Fashion in the same year, played The Emerson Theatre in 2005 and released their second album An Army of Shapes Between Wars in 2006. In the same year, Action Action toured with Maxeen, Morningwood, The Sounds, Jonezetta, We are the Fury, The Cult, and Something for Rockets on various legs of their US tours. The song Paper Cliché is featured in the game MVP 06: NCAA Baseball. Currently, Action Action isn't signed with any label, but are working on new material to be released in 2009.



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