Domenico "Mimmo" Capuano, (b. 21 April 1975, ]]Turin, Italy') , is an Italian musician, composer and producer.Edit

He studied music, in particular the doublebass at the G. Verdi Conservatory of Music in Turin Italy. He is also a piano player, composer and orchestral conductor. In the 90’s he became an noted experimental Italian composer and producer.

He composed several international hits, including: Let Me Be (1993) by 'Da Blitz, Move Your Body by Eiffel 65' (2000) to Italian Hit "Wale (Tanto Wale)" (2008) by Dari. He received many honours and awards, including 3 platinum in the USA, 14 Gold in the Europe (4 Germany, 2 UK, 6 Italy, 1 France, 1 Spain).

He has collaborated with several international artist including: 'Jean Michel Jarre, Kool And The Gang, S Club 7, Laura Pausini, 883, Zucchero and Nek'.

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